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University of Salford
PRImA - Pattern Recognition & Image Analysis Group




  • 667,437 total images
  • 52,880 PAGE files
  • 4 TB of space used
  • 6.26 MB per image (avg)

Last updated: 17/3/2015 10:03


  • 7,466,917 thumbs browsed
  • 2,129,024 images accessed

Since: 6/10/2010

This is the initial exploratory set of images collected from Libraries participating in IMPACT. The purpose of these images is to serve as examples of conditions to be addressed in the TR and EE subprojects. These conditions relate to image artefacts (inherent in the document as well as introduced during image capture), layout and fonts/language.

At the moment this is work in progress as more images are added and more conditions are identified and qualified.

This dataset will evolve into the IMPACT evaluation dataset (images and ground truth), the first release of which will be at the end of Month 10.

For any queries, please contact Apostolos Antonacopoulos (

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