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University of Salford - PRImA Research

Europeana Newspapers Evaluation Dataset



  • 89,697 total images
  • 643 PAGE files
  • 367.7 GB of space used
  • 4.2 MB per image (avg)

Last updated: 6/10/2014 11:37


  • 326,067 thumbs browsed
  • 6,525 images accessed

Since: 13/9/2012

This online repository is the main point of reference for all activities related to evaluation within the scope of the Europeana Newspapers project. Its main goal is to provide a representative collection of all the types of newspapers which are and/or might be subject of ongoing or future digitisation activities. As such, it is hosting scanned images, metadata and ground truth (a representation of the ideal result of a processing step like OCR or layout analysis) on the level of individual newspaper pages.

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